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Amazonas - Brasil

I come through since thanking all staff of Pousada Rio Roosevel.

We were very well treated since our first contact with Mrs Keila and the other sectors such as the reception of the hostel, kitchen, bartender, maid and the pilot, worthy treatment to 5 star hotel.
The transfer made by Rima air transport made with excellence both on arrival and return.

We had 5 days real south regarding fishing with an amazing variety of fish, we took 387 specimens among them 4 pyroraras over 35kg and another 10 smaller specimens, 1 Caparari of 18kg, Several Cacharas, Many Peacock Bass from 2Kg to 6Kg, Corvinas from 3kg to 7Kg, Dogs up to 12Kg, Jundiá up to 12Kg, Piaus and some three other species that I do not remember the name.

In short simply amazing.

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