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Amazonas - Brasil



Here are some testimonials from our guests, and understand why the Pousada Rio Roosevelt will be your next destination.

I’ve traveled all over the country after the most varied species of fish and never found anything like what I found at the Roosevelt River Inn. Lots of fish variety and with differentiated size (191 fish in 7 days). Nicer place? Unknown! Large rustic chalets with daily change of bed linen and towels, laundry, food better than 5 star hotel, first-rate service,(missing guess what you want), pilot is not lazy for anything and is always willing to do the best for customers! I was sad just to be gone! I’ll be back as soon as I can! Thank you Inn Rio Roosevelt!

I can say, without a doubt, that the Roosevelt River Inn is the most well-preserved place I have ever met in all of Brazil. It is impossible to visit the hostel without leaving there with the distinct feeling that you are a privileged person for having had the chance to know a place like that. The owner’s courage to open a comfortable inn in the heart of the forest, the banks of the legendary Roosevelt River is a true gift to birdwatchers who can walk through more than 12 trails in the woods. A beautifully constructed wooden tower was erected at a strategic point in the forest allowing for observations of spectacular birds at eye level. There were many unforgettable moments that I lived in this forest, but I cannot fail to mention here the two observations I made of the rare Black-throated Clash (Rondonia Bushbird), the beautiful pictures I made of the mother-of-Antbird-Golden (Pale-faced Antbird) and the Magnificent encounters with Jaguar on the banks of the Roosevelt River.

Roosevelt River was amazing. They seem to be mostly a fishing shop, but they have big birds there too. Roosevelt River was very beautiful and wild that made it my favorite place. Also some of us fished twice and that was spectacular! We also really like the food on the Roosevelt river; Fresh fish for lunch and dinner every day and free beer!

Congratulations on the facilities, structure, level of attendance and especially the choice of this wonderful place. This sanctuary must be preserved at all costs. All the way back! Hugs!

I don’t fish, I fish. I didn’t turn it off. As a southern Brazilian, I always wanted to know the Amazon, I knew. Stunning location, trained staff. Now I know and I’ve been good.

Congratulations on the preservation in the area of the Pousada and the excellence of attendance of the Piloteiros (fishing guides). Good food, good lodging.

My congratulations to the organization of this hostel, with clean river, vegetation with excellent conservation. We appreciate the service to everyone.

I came back in great company, Justino and Inês, we found everything in the most perfect harmony, nature, fish, food! Vip treatment, High-class guide (Xavier) The inn owes me the giant fish, but it’s got quality…

Happiness Waner by the initiative to develop this hostel, in many more for mankind the effort to preserve this nature in an untouchable way!

A true paradise, con una estancia de lujo, excellent!

One more time… What a privilege! Exuberant nature, many fish (bass) and a lot of attention and dedication of all staff, especially the Piloteiros: Cemi, Raimundo, Samson and Tica.

Wonderful place. Muy Buena Atención y los “Piloteiros” son excellent!

One more time… What a privilege! Exuberant nature, many fish (bass) and a lot of attention and dedication of all staff, especially the Piloteiros: Cemi, Raimundo, Samson and Tica.

Thank you very much to all the people for the great service. We’ll be back soon!

“Luxury in the middle of the forest! Great fish!

Our thanks to Ozias and other employees of the Pousada Rio Roosevelt for the attention and excellent service that have made it unforgettable our stay in this wonderful nook of Brazil.

Unforgettable! We managed to disconnect from the world (literally) and enjoy a wonderful place with a wonderful team, both at the Inn and the river with the Piloteiros. We recharge the batteries and hope to return soon. Big hug.


Only hostel 5 stars fishing in Brazil

Our hostel is the only sport fishing lodge 5 stars of Brazil, combining the very best in care, food, lodging and ecotourism in the Amazon.

Most Amazonian nature reserve

We are situated in the region which has the largest natural diversity of the Amazon rainforest.

The greatest variety of birds of Brazil

Our region has the greatest variety of birds throughout the country.

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