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Amazonas - Brasil



Track 1:

Easy access from the inn. This trail passes through different habitats, including areas partially flooded for several months. Degree of access: Easy.

Track 2:

In this track you can see a huge fig tree in a Terra Firme Forest. Good opportunities to see monkeys. Degree of access: Easy.

Track 3:

Located next to the lodge, this trail starts at the biome of the river, then moving into the forest. It’s great to observe several species of monkeys, including rare because they usually feed on fruits local abundant on track. Degree of access: Easy to Intermediate.

Track 4:

With large trees Terra Firme Forest and Rainforest Semi-Deciduous Submontane, this trail crosses small streams that become completely dry during a few months of the year. Degree of access: Easy to Intermediate.

Track 5:

After 40 minutes of walk from the boat upstream, this famous trail takes visitors through a rich forest with lots of chestnut trees. The biggest need six people to embrace it because it has hundreds of years. In this track you can also hear the legendary corner of Uirapuru (aradus Cyphorhinus) which has one of the most beautiful corners of all the birds. Degree of access: Easy to Intermediate.

We have a number of other trails in our hostel. Come meet us and pave our jungle with our guides.


Walk calmly

Pay attention to the landscape, admiring the flora and fauna – and being careful not to crash. enjoy nature calmly and enjoy your ride knowing the tracks of our lodge.


Keep your distance

Do not walk too close to the person ahead or allow them to walk very close behind you. If any have an accident takes another time avoid. It also allows a better appreciation of natural belezar and prevents whipping of branches and plants.


Keep Quiet

People leaving the city to go trekking in the bush are looking for peace and quiet. Respect this and let the excitement for when you are at home. That does not mean you are not allowed to talk – on the contrary, it is the ideal time to interact with friends and new acquaintances. But stay calm and respect the silence.

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