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Amazonas - Brasil

I can say, without a doubt, that the Roosevelt River Inn is the most well-preserved place I have ever met in all of Brazil. It is impossible to visit the hostel without leaving there with the distinct feeling that you are a privileged person for having had the chance to know a place like that. The owner’s courage to open a comfortable inn in the heart of the forest, the banks of the legendary Roosevelt River is a true gift to birdwatchers who can walk through more than 12 trails in the woods. A beautifully constructed wooden tower was erected at a strategic point in the forest allowing for observations of spectacular birds at eye level. There were many unforgettable moments that I lived in this forest, but I cannot fail to mention here the two observations I made of the rare Black-throated Clash (Rondonia Bushbird), the beautiful pictures I made of the mother-of-Antbird-Golden (Pale-faced Antbird) and the Magnificent encounters with Jaguar on the banks of the Roosevelt River.

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